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The Millennium Geomatics Map Store is system for ordering printed maps online. The type of map and area covered can be selected, payment is made online through PayPal with a credit card, and the printed map will be delivered by mail.

Map Types & Samples

Our 30"x36" oil & gas maps are currently available for Alberta & Saskatchewan based on the Dominion Land Survey System. All maps are plotted on high quality paper at a scale of 1:15,000 (1 Township), and include the following information:

Oil & Gas Map Samples
1:15K Aerial Photo Sample
1:15K Bare Earth Lidar Sample
1:15K Full Earth Lidar Sample

Our 36"x26" recreational maps are currently available for Alberta in two standard scales based on the National Topographic System of Canada. All maps are plotted on durable, water-resistant paper and include the following information:

Recreational Map Samples
1:50K Aerial Photo Sample
1:25K Aerial Photo Sample

Selecting a Map

There are two basic ways to select a map, by searching for the map area or by clicking the online map. The search function uses either the Dominion Land Survey System (DLS) or the National Topographic System (NTS) depending on the type of printed map selected. The online map can be used to select the area by zooming in until the DLS or NTS grid is visible and then single clicking on the grid. Once a map is selected the availability will be displayed; green for available and red for unavailable. If the map is available it can be added to the cart.

The DLS is a grid based system that consists of townships running North/South and ranges running East/West. The numbering starts at one of the seven meridian lines and the 49th parallel. Townships are numbered from South to North and Ranges are numbered from East to West. The Township and Range values start at 1 and the maximum number varies depending on the meridian and particular area of the DLS. A township is described as "2-3-W5" where 2 is the township, 3 is the range, and W5 is the meridian.

The NTS is also grid based and used by Natural Resources Canada to identify map areas for topographic maps. First Canada is divided into rectangular areas eight degrees of Longitude by four degrees of Latitude, these are called a 'series' and are numbered 1 to 117. Each series is further divided into a two degree by one degree grid, these are called an 'area' and are assigned a letter from A to P. Next the area is divided into a half degree by a quarter degree grid, these are called 'sheets' and are numbered 1 to 16. For larger scale mapping sometimes a sheet is cut into quarters known as quadrants (NE, SE, SW, NW). A 1:50,000 map sheet is described as "082P01" where '082' is the series, 'P' is the area, and '01' is the sheet.


The price for maps varies by type. However, because most of the cost is associated with setup additional copies of the same map are sometimes discounted. Just add a map with a quantity larger than one and the discount (if applicable) will be applied. Contact us directly to discuss bulk order pricing and options at .

Shipping & Tax

Printed maps are sent "Next Day" shipping via Purolator within Canada. The shipping cost and 5% GST will be added during the PayPal checkout.

Cart TotalShipping Cost
$500.01 and up$50

For international shipping rates contact us at .